Why opt for PPC Management?

Unlike most "agencies" or "growth hackers" we're specialists in performance marketing a form of data science, in which we create custom attribution models which are fed stats using web scrapers, (bots) that we also custom build to monitor competitors & your industry, this give us a huge set of data which we can further analyse using SQL and make proactive live bid adjustment's. We're 100% sure no other agency offers any of this.

So yes we go way beyond just writing ads .

What are you looking to achieve?

We can run various types of campaigns depending on your goals whether you're looking to drive awareness, engagement, acquisitions or a mix of the three.

All Inclusive PPC Management Service

Google & Bing Ads

Google & Bing Ads

Despite Google Ads being the largest platform, others provide fewer traffic but is often cheaper and generated greater conversion rates.


Social Ads

Our Service Covers PPC Management with the following platforms: Google, Bing Facebook, Instragram, LinkedIn, Reddit, & More


Offline Tracking

We can help you setup various CRM's to further track offline conversions. We're experienced in & generally recommend Zoho or Salesforce for this.


Shopping Ads

If you're selling online, you need to be running high performing ads on Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay and more!


Landing Pages

Consumer trust online drives revenue if you have a poor website you're likely throwing money down the drain on a site that isn't converting.



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Our PPC Management Pricing


£185 P/Mo

  • Google Ads & Bing Ads
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Search & Display Ad Creation
  • No Max Ad Spent
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Competitor Monitoring
Best Value


£325 P/Mo

  • Basic +
  • Shopping Ads & Social Ads
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, Amazon, Ebay & More
  • + Landing Page Design


£795 P/Mo

  • Complete +
  • Social Content Creation
  • Blog Writing
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Monthly Email Marketing
  • Heat Mapping

Transparent Pricing..

No hidden charges, whether that's for New Ads or Last minute campaigns! No Minimum or Maximum Ad Spend! You will only ever pay us the amount mentioned above! To sustain our low prices our service is subject to a minimum 6 Month Term. (The prices above don't include your Ad Budget/Spend or Initial Account Setup Fee of £150)

Request Free Consultation

1. Review

We start with reviewing your current PPC Campaign and analyse how it's been setup to meet your goals. We also review what your business does, your website and general online profile.

2. Needs

We have a lengthy call, let's say about an hour long to understand what you want to achieve, what you value, how much it's worth to you and discuss potential solutions we can provide.

3. Build

Once you're happy with the approach we build out your campaign on all the PPC platforms you've assigned us. This includes the graphic for Display Ads and all content for Search Ads.

4. Iterate

Every company and industry is different so we begin by testing the waters to see how audiences react to our Ads & your pages using split A/B Tests & some good old primary research calls to achieve the most efficient PPC campaign.

5. Report

We don't just provide you some automated report filled with jargon, we arrange a call every month and go through all the details with you in our bespoke report to ensure you understand what's going on!

6. Maintain

We optimise your PPC campaign on a weekly basis based on aggregated data we collect to ensure the most cost efficient Ad spent as well as that we optimise for Seasonal Ads, Promotional Ads & More.

Hi, My names Ebad!

I'm the founder of PPC Hub and also a marketer by profession. I have over 5 Years experience in managing Digital Ad budgets across platforms in 100's of industries and currently manage roughly about £250k in Ad spend Annually.

Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or by dropping me a few lines in the enquiry form below & I'll get back to you within a day!

I will be personally setting up and managing your campaign from start to finish! I don't outsource any of my work in fact I provide a white label service for many agencies! The only other people involved will be your account manager and my 2 other PPC executives who are glued to your campaigns 24 hours a day who provide me tons of data to optimise your campaign every week.

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Speak to our PPC Manager

1. Brand Bidding

Brand Bidding is the process of bidding on competitor brand names as you can assume people searching for these terms are already qualified for sales!

2. Re-marketing

Consumers tend to visit a website 3 or more times before making a purchase. Remarketing reminds them as they browse the internet to revisit your site!

3. Split Testing

Certain Words, Phrases appeal more or less to users as industry trends come and go, therefore it's important to always better to validate your Ad's first!

4. Coded Scripts

We use scripts to set thresholds e.g. if a certain ad or keyword drops below a certain KPI to reduce it and increase an alternate till we review it! This way budget is never wasted!

5. Competitor

We scrape your competitors on a monthly basis for new pages, products, content, keywords and general ranking to ensure your ads always remain more appealing!

6. Heat Mapping

If we design and build your landing pages for you we're also able to further see how your users interact on those pages and analyse key hotspots to further increase your conversion rates!

1. What is the minimum Ad Spend you work with?

This really depends on the cost p/click and what sort of results you want to achieve, some industries and sectors have a cost per click as low as 3p and we have seen highs of £30 P/click as well! That said as a rule of thumb for us to manage your PPC Campaign we'd require you spend at least £750 in Ad spend.

2. How long will I see results in?

Instantly, If you don't already have an analytics account setup we'll set it up and link everything for you so you can differentiate the source of your traffic!

3. I'm not very tech savvy, will you help with the setup and landing pages?

Yes! We do this everyday, we've worked with literally all the platforms you could think off! We also understand efficient PPC management requires optimised landing pages for conversions if you take our complete package we'll design and develop a static landing page for you at no extra cost!

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